Dharma Community


What is a Dharma Community?
The word Dharma refers to a core element of eastern philosophy. Dharma conceptually mandates that an individual abide by core guiding principles in order to attain tenable peace. This orientation ties individuals to a strong sense of duty towards family, friends, work and community.

A Dharma Community is one where each member of a community has been inspired to display their unique responsibility and ownership of the broader community around them. This manual is an attempt to define how a community can attain such a transformation.

This book attempts to answer a few fundamental questions on how local citizens can please their community on an evolving journey. We answer some fundamental questions such as:
What is a community? Why do humans need a community? Could we live in isolation? If we do need a community, then is there a right way to live with each other? Is there a wrong way?

If you wake up one day and find that you don’t like the state of your community, is there something that you can do about this? And when one makes a resolve to act, what steps should be taken to maximize impact?

And finally the big question: when one is ready to act, where does one begin and what tools can they use to achieve their goals.