The Case of Disappearing Main Street Retail

This white paper was developed in collaboration with two economic development advisors, Hrishue Mahalaha, Managing Partner of Innovation Economy Partners and Jim Damicis, Senior Vice President of Camoin Associates. Alexandra Tranmer of Camoin Associates contributed additional content, along with design work and coordination.

Based on our experiences working with communities across the country, we wanted to share what we have learned and practical applications regarding the changing retail landscape and what they mean for communities looking to support Main Streets.
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Time to Throw Away the Old Economic Development Playbook

Rural communities in the United States are struggling to establish a sound economic footing in the age of globalization. The author suggests that community leaders should consider a more expansive view on recrafting a community “north star.” Based on work the author has conducted over the previous 5 years in various rural communities in Missouri, the article also outlines a set of key learnings and practical steps that local leaders can take to catalyze positive change.
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